Thursday, August 10, 2006

Intro to Agile Development

Agile, agile.. why am I doing this again?? umm... that's right to find out what all the hype is about.. is it really as good as what I have heard? What scenarios is it best suited to and what isn't it so hot for? What practises work better than others? Is it one size fits all? Or is the right tool for the right job more the focus here? I hope to find the answers to these and many more of questions in the coming weeks.

After my first few lectures on agile methodoligies I understand that we are throwing away a lot of traditional documentation (YAY). Well not throwing it away, more like trading it for great communication (bonding) with team mates and a more dynamic and less structured documentation process. Very interested to see how well this style works. Will post my concluding thoughts about one of my later posts.

We have formed teams this week. I think I'm in a good team. Got some great, very hard working team mates which I look forward to working with this semester.. some I have known previously and some new ones. Go Team 'Rocket'.. who thought of that name again?!?!

Thought I'd let you all know that this is like my first blog ever. Probably very obvious!


Blogger Ted Zafirov said...

Yes you do have some hard-working team members ;o)...but this Rocket thing has to go man :op

6:28 pm

Blogger winstonwolf said...

Hello it's Will. come say hi.

2:02 am


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